Deposit Information Subscription Agreement

Subscription Agreement

LOGITAS provides a balanced, flexible and evolutionary tripartite contractual system. It is based on the following bipartite agreements:

  • The Special Agreement by the Depositor and its licensee (license and/or maintenance agreement, partnership ...),
  • The LOGITAS Escrow Agreement signed by the Depositor and LOGITAS,
  • The LOGITAS Escrow Information Subscription Agreement signed by any Beneficiary who seeks it and LOGITAS.

LOGITAS offers a contractual system balanced to protect all parties, customizable to meet particular needs.

The LOGITAS contractual system is based on bipartite agreements:

  • The Specific Agreement between the Beneficiary and the Depositor (license, partnership...),
  • An escrow agreement between the Depositor and LOGITAS
  • A Subscription Agreement between Beneficiaries who want to and LOGITAS.

Download the Deposit Information Subscription Agreement

Download the Standard version of the LOGITAS Deposit Information Subscription Agreement Here.

Presentation of the Deposit Information Subscription Agreement

An End User having entered into a valid license agreement is de facto protected by the relevant Software Deposit made with LOGITAS. The subscription contract will provide him a direct contractual relation with LOGITAS in order to receive the following information:

You will therefore be guaranteed that your provider will comply with the escrow provision he agreed to under the completion of the license and/or maintenance agreement and that you have up-to-date deposits to fall back on in case of its possible failure.