Software Escrow Agent

Software Escrow Agent

LOGITAS System relies on an accurate and balanced deposit agreement, defining all trigger events and deposit release procedures as well as a systematic content verification


A source code deposit is frequently required from the Editors to answer end user’s requirements about maintenance default provisions. The LOGITAS System converts such requirements into advantages by building and validating deposits that generate or add value at any stage of the Software’s life, from its initial launching on the market, its commercial life or in any litigation case.

User ou Integrator

Obtaining the signature of default provision including a reliable software deposit enables a licensee to secure its investment on software notwithstanding the size or age of the provider. For this guarantee to be efficient, LOGITAS clearly defines the trigger events, the deposit release procedure and validation process in order to enable any proficient engineer to recover the maintenance of the deposited software.


The patrimony of IT is immaterial with no real transferable value as long as it depends on the knowledge of a few key developers. LOGITAS verifies that all deposited build and deployment procedures are accurately documented and that the deposited material includes all the material to enable another development team to recover the maintenance of this IT patrimony in reasonable conditions and time.


Within the framework of good governance, IT management seeks to protect the IT Editor immaterial patrimony. The LOGITAS System enables to build and validate software deposits that are technically complete enough in order to efficiently protect it in case of any litigation regarding intellectual property, civilian or contractual liability, tax control, FDA, SEC, tutelage authority, etc.